Journey to the West

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 16.09.29The Same Moon (Journey to the West #1)

Book Blurb: Pearl Zhang was born in Sichuan Province in China, and grew up during the Cultural Revolution. She was raised in a typically Chinese manner, went to school, got a job, got married, and her whole life path was mapped out, or so it seemed.

Then she seized the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom – and stayed. How did she adjust to the Western way of life, and what did she have to do to overcome the barriers? Would she find happiness and fulfilment with her English suitor in Scotland, or would her heartache continue? She was in a new world, both foreign and exciting – under the Same Moon.

This book will take you on a journey full of surprises and discoveries – Hop on and enjoy the ride!

 Trials of Life (Journey to the West #2)

IMG_1421Book Blurb: This novel is sequel to The Same Moon, and we follow Pearl in her journey and pursuit in personal and professional fulfilment. The story is told in different voices, painting a full picture of Pearl’s new life in the UK, Will she find love or will she be confronted with more trials and tribulations?

Pearl meets Andrew Church, the man of her dreams and then gets a job at a UK university. Perfect or is it not so? Her senior colleague Dick Appleton does not welcome her, and when he discovers that Pearl has a secret mission, he grabs the opportunity. Having had a privileged upbringing, gone to the world-famous institution Oxford, and enjoying a wonderful lifestyle, Dick would not allow anyone, let alone Pearl, to stand in his way.

While Dick fights to protect his reputation and standing, Pearl seeks justice. How can she battle against the powerful machine behind the big men? Would reality teach Pearl a lesson that there is no perfect justice in this world? Or does the ancient Chinese belief hold true that everything happens for a reason? Is it fate or simply the trials of life?

Land of Hope (Journey to the West #3)


Book Blurb: Every year, millions of illegal immigrants cross borders in search of wealth, happiness and a life of ease in the Land of Hope. Some succeed. Others suffer unimaginable hardships. When Jack Gordon, Inspector in the SCS (Serious Crime Squad) hires Pearl Zhang, a professional Chinese interpreter, they join forces to fight injustice in the corrupt underworld of international crime, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Pearl is the voice of broken dreams, translating raw, deranged, and colorful tales of those who cannot speak for themselves. As Pearl gets more and more tangled in the lives of strangers, Jack becomes a welcome diversion, complicated by the fact that both are married. Their trans-continental roller-coaster ride derails when Pearl tumbles into the sinister world of her clients, a world full of secrets, lies, and unspeakable violence – only this time, it’s directed at her. Can she depend on Jack? Find out in this third and final book of Junying Kirk’s “Journey to the West” trilogy。


Book talk and reading at University of Helsinki 2016