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The Return of the Native: #ChongqingUniversity and the Municipalities City Up the Yangzi River

If you have not heard of the Chinese city of Chongqing, there is something missing. I mean, even if you’ve never been to China or never intend to go, you have heard of the fabulous Chongqing HotPot, right? Perhaps not, if … Continue reading

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China’s Southern Gem in Full Spring Splendour #Nanjing #南京之春

‘Which is your favourite Chinese city?’  It’s a question I have asked people, friends, family and travel buddies. It’s also a question directed at me once in a while. I may pause for a moment, just to go through in … Continue reading

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How Much #Choice Do We Have? #HigherEducation and Subject/University Picks for #ChineseStudents

It seems such a long time ago when I was faced with the choice of going to University and picking a subject. Four decades later, I am looking back, with a view to share with and hopefully to inspire a … Continue reading

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