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Don’t Cry for Me #Argentina – I Cried for You!

Part One of our recent trip to Argentina, stopping at Buenos Aires, Cordoba and A;ta Gracia. Continue reading

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The #MoonFestival: Chinese Mid-Autumn Customs, Celebrations, Legends & Poetic Reflections 中秋快乐

I witness bright Moonlight in front of my bed. I suspect it to be hoary frost on the floor. I watch the bright Moon, as I tilt back my head. I yearn, while stooping, for my homeland more. The poem … Continue reading

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#EnglishTranslation of Signs Around the World: Hilarious, Rude and Stupid.

During your travels in different countries, you may have come across some interesting signs, or funny translations, in English or another language, possibly translated by unqualified local people, or a machine these days. Do you remember the famous BBC mis-translation … Continue reading

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Revisiting #Madeira, a Tropical Garden Paradise

Madeira is not for a standard beach holiday, yet this Portuguese ‘Floating Garden in the Atlantic’ has plenty of attractions to offer: natural beauty with volcanic mountains and tropical flora and fauna, sunshine all year round – eternal spring, and … Continue reading

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Symphony of Four #Seasons: Ode to #Spring from the East to West

2018 has been good to me, so far anyway. When I was a school girl in China, we had no computers, iPhones and whatever gadgets children these days are bombarded with. I don’t even remember having any Barbie dolls or … Continue reading

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