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Originally from China and currently living and working in the UK, Junying has worked as an academic, international partnerships manager, researcher, teacher, professional interpreter, translator and cultural consultant. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing, and reflecting upon what's important in life. She is a seasoned blogger, topics ranging from serious stuff such as art, books, cross-cultural communications, education and politics, to more leisure pursuits including cuisine, keeping-fit, music, photography and world travels. Her "Journey To The West" Trilogy - The Same Moon, Trials of Life and Land of Hope, are available on Amazon stores Worldwide, iBook and Smashwords, both in electronic and printed forms. She is currently writing a new book, the first of her "Journey to the East" trilogy. The revival of this blog is the author’s renewed efforts to engage with her readers near and far. Welcome, friends and fans!

It Takes Time to #Write a Thrilling ‘Journey to the East’

A week ago, an ‘old’ friend came to visit with a new friend, and she told him about my book writing. He wanted to check out what I have written, so I showed him ‘Journey to the West’ paperbacks, three … Continue reading

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Symphony of Four #Seasons: Ode to #Spring from the East to West

2018 has been good to me, so far anyway. When I was a school girl in China, we had no computers, iPhones and whatever gadgets children these days are bombarded with. I don’t even remember having any Barbie dolls or … Continue reading

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The Return of the Native: #ChongqingUniversity and the Municipalities City Up the Yangzi River

If you have not heard of the Chinese city of Chongqing, there is something missing. I mean, even if you’ve never been to China or never intend to go, you have heard of the fabulous Chongqing HotPot, right? Perhaps not, if … Continue reading

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China’s Southern Gem in Full Spring Splendour #Nanjing #南京之春

‘Which is your favourite Chinese city?’  It’s a question I have asked people, friends, family and travel buddies. It’s also a question directed at me once in a while. I may pause for a moment, just to go through in … Continue reading

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How Much #Choice Do We Have? #HigherEducation and Subject/University Picks for #ChineseStudents

It seems such a long time ago when I was faced with the choice of going to University and picking a subject. Four decades later, I am looking back, with a view to share with and hopefully to inspire a … Continue reading

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