About Me

As long as I could remember, I have loved reading books, especially fiction. I have read a wide range of wonderful works by great authors from all over the world. I particularly enjoyed the Brontes, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway and many others. In modern literature, I like a variety of books, particularly stories which explore human relationships, morality, life, and its ups and downs. I also enjoy reading crime thrillers and books that inform and inspire, enchant and touch one’s heart and soul. Among the authors of recent times, I am a huge fan of Khaled Hossein (The Kite Runner), Stieg Lasson (The Millenium Trilogy), Henning Mankell (Another Swedish Crime thriller writer with numerous wonderfully written novels) and Tony Parsons (most recent My Favouraite Wife).

 My first degree was in English Language and Literature, and my love affair with the literature began many years ago in China and never stopped.  In 1988, I won a scholarship from the British Council and had a chance to pursue further studies in the UK. My life’s path took a dramatic turn and I began a long journey of self-discovery and professional development.

 In the last decade or so, I have attended Creative writing courses as well as becoming a member of a writers group for a period of time. This has motivated me to make use of my knowledge and skills, and to create stories, either based on real life, or from our vast imagination. 

 Over the years I have published research papers, short stories in Chinese magazines, and contributed writing on a number of websites.

 After working as an academic and administrator at universities both in China in the UK, I started my own business in 2001, offering consultations on business culture and cultural differences between the East and the West, as well as interpreting and translation between Mandarin Chinese and English. This is a job I love doing and it allows me to research and get to know the characters who live and breathe through my books.

 Travelling is my passion and I love interacting with people from different races and cultures. There are so many fascinating customs and people in this wonderful world of ours, and so much to learn each day. Experiencing them first hand is a privilege and sharing the wealth of such experience and knowledge even more gratifying. I love being a writer! I love the fact that our world is getting smaller and communications easier by modern technology. I feel truly blessed to live in the era when so many advances have been made, and amazing transformations take place everyday. Being able to write and connect with readers is a wonderful gift.

All my three books can be found at Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords.

I am delighted to share some of my writings, photographs, and videos here with you, no matter where you are and what you do. Enjoy!

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